polyurethane Dr. Otto Bayer


The production of polyurethanes is made according to the priciple of polyaddition. The proceeding of polyaddition poly-isocianic has been discovered in the fifties by prof. Otto Bayer which has created thus the basis for a completely new era in the technology of materials. The polyurethanes are high molecular products which can be "programmable" according the needs to perfom the materials
  • compact or foamed,
  • flexible, semi-rigid or rigid,
  • sheets or fibres.
Today the polyurethane is used world-wide in the industry of furniture and mats, car industry, building and cold industry. It is then a necessary material for our economy. According to established calculations it is deemed that currently in the whole world at least 250000 people are engaged in the production of polyurethane raw materilas or their trasfornation. But much higher, calculated in million of people is however the number of all people which every day come in touch with the polyurethane, getting advantages in terms of
These are characteristics which the firm Covi, existing in the sector of polyurethanes transformation since more than twenty-five years, can offer with its high quality products to its customers, in the most various applications, as they are required by the most demanding and acknowledged market.
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